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Leslie, Schindler & Saving the World

Welcome back to the Cause Cinema Spotlight

It’s been a busy week, with Oscars being announced, and today, we recognize International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945. As established by the United Nations.

So let’s start there. Many narratives and docs have been made on this important subject.  But since the Oscars nominations were announced this week, and Director Steven Spielberg’s latest masterpiece, The Fabelmans, was nominated for Best Picture, I thought I would include my favorite film on the Holocaust. Winner of Best Picture, Director and many others…

Schindler's List 
Businessman Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) arrives in Krakow in 1939, ready to make his fortune from World War II, which has just started. After joining the Nazi party primarily for political expediency, he staffs his factory with Jewish workers for similarly pragmatic reasons. When the SS begins exterminating Jews in the Krakow ghetto, Schindler arranges to have his workers protected to keep his factory in operation, but soon realizes that in so doing, he is also saving innocent lives.

Hard to believe the movie just celebrated its 25th anniversary this past fall. 

You can see Schindler’s List for free as a Peacock subscriber, or rent on all the standard VOD platforms. Click here for links to where you can watch.

For a list of 10 other movies made about the Holocaust, the Academy has a good list here.

Now for a terrific coming-of-age film, When You Finish Saving the World.

Evelyn has devoted herself to helping people in hard times, but she struggles to connect with her son Ziggy, an aspiring internet star oblivious to the problems of the world. As Evelyn attempts to become a parent figure to an unassuming teenager she meets at her shelter, and Ziggy fumbles through his pursuit of a brilliant and politically conscious young woman at his high school, this emotional comedy reveals a funny and sharply perceptive portrait of a mother and son who may seem at odds but who are more alike than either would care to admit.

The movie is still in theaters and will be coming to streaming platforms in February.

Finally, another film that’s part of the oscar conversation, thanks to an explosive performance by its lead Actress Andrea Riseborough, To Leslie.

Leslie is a West Texas single mother struggling to provide for her son when she wins the lottery and a chance at a good life. But a few short years later the money is gone and Leslie is on her own, living hard and fast at the bottom of a bottle as she runs from the world of heartbreak she left behind. With her charm running out and with nowhere to go, Leslie is forced to return home to her former friends Nancy and Dutch Unwelcome and unwanted by those she wronged, it's a lonely motel clerk named Sweeney who takes a chance when no one else will. With his support, Leslie comes face to face with the consequences of her actions, a life of regret, and a second chance to make a good life for her and her son.

You can see To Leslie on Amazon Prime or AppleTV. And I heard it’s going to be re-released into theaters, thanks to the Oscar attention.

On that note, stories are circulating around the possibility of the filmmakers breaking Academy rules in their Oscar campaign. It’s very rare, but it is possible for the film to be disqualified.

The rule in question reads:

“Contacting Academy members directly and in a manner outside of the scope of these rules to promote a film or achievement for Academy Award consideration is expressly forbidden.”

In case you’re wondering, Oscar nominations have been revoked 9 times over the years. Read more here.

And that’s a wrap for the Cause Cinema Spotlight this week.  Feel free to share the recommendations with your friends, and have a great weekend.

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