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We believe in the power of great movies and series, with social relevancy, to create change in the world.

There and thousands of movies and shows, littering hundreds of streaming platforms. Mostly unwatchable. Studies show we are wasting an average of 15 minutes searching, every time we sit down to engage with streaming entertainment.

Time is precious. And we believe you will want to invest your energy into movies and shows that have something to say. Our goal is to guide you to this quality content, with an emphasis on what we call Cause Cinema, entertainment for good.

Our fast-growing audience of over 34,000 subscribers includes many entertainment executives, directors, writers, and activists, who recognize the power of social impact content to engage us, and inspire change in the world.

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Cause Cinema - We will continue with weekly newsletters about socially relevant movies and series, connect to timely observances, holiday and current events. Sample article.

Filmmaking for Change - Based on the principles presented in our Founder’s (Jon Fitzgerald) book of the same name, we will occasionally take a deeper dive into one of the 4 primary categories (Development, Production, Distribution, Activation). Jon will also present tips in his Filmmaker Tool Kit article series. Sample article.

On the Circuit - We created a separate Substack channel for this category that focuses on current films, trends and talent on the film festival circuit including:

  • Top 10 Lists (Articles & Video) - These weekly pieces for filmmakers range from counting down the top 10 festivals in certain categories to offering 10 inside tips for filmmakers to maximize their festival journeys.

  • A History of Film Festivals in 100 Movies (Podcast) - The backgrounds and stories behind the top film festivals and the films & players that helped to shape the industry. These will be included here at Cause Cinema.


Cause Cinema Spotlight - Each week (Fridays), Jon hosts a podcast sharing 3 new picks. You will hear a brief synopsis, the trailer and learn where you can see the movies and series. The podcasts are all under 10 minutes, and are transcribed into weekly posts, giving you the option of listening or reading/watching. Sample podcast.

Changemakers - In May, we’re introducing this series, which will include interviews and Q&As with filmmakers, distributors and other players in the social impact cinema space.

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About the Founder - Jon Fitzgerald

Jon has twenty-five years of experience in the independent film, internet and film festival communities, a rare leader with a unique combination of skills.  As a filmmaker, he has produced a number of award winning documentaries; and as a consultant, he has guided many independent film projects through the maze of festivals  and hybrid distribution models.

As a co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival (1995), he led the event the next two seasons before being named the Festival Director for the prestigious AFI Film Festival in 1997.  After running AFI Fest for three years (1997-1999), he created a consulting business, guiding the launch of numerous film festivals (Bahamas, Lone Star, Orlando), directing several others (Santa Barbara, Topanga and Naples), and consulting to dozens more. 

In October of 2012, Jon authored his first book, entitled Filmmaking for Change:  Make Films That Transform the World, published by industry leader Michael Wiese Productions.

Recognizing that film is more than just entertainment, it is a tool to engage and inspire audiences to take action, Founder Jon Fitzgerald created Cause Pictures as a new paradigm to help create change.  The Company combines Jon’s years of filmmaking, festival and consulting experience, providing services to film festivals and supporting independent filmmakers looking to produce, market and distribute their films to a growing audience yearning for socially relevant stories.


“I have never seen anyone handle a wider variety of demands with
more grace and skill than Jon Fitzgerald. He has earned the respect and support of everyone involved with the Independent Film and Festival communities.” 

Steven Soderbergh - Filmmaker

"Jon supported our first feature, inviting it to play both Slamdance and AFI Fest. From there, always a thoughtful and creative champion of independent, undiscovered talent, he made introductions that helped launch our career. Jon is a visionary, and really connects with filmmakers.  He continues to be a guiding force for emerging filmmakers, and a seasoned film festival expert, dedicated to supporting the art form and all of its possibilities."
Joe and Anthony Russo - Filmmaker (Avengers: Endgame)

“We believe in the power of film to inspire social change. With this Filmmaking for Change, emerging filmmakers now have a resource to help them develop engaging stories and tools to help activate audiences around the world.”
David Linde - CEO Participant Media

“Filmmaking has become the most powerful weapon in the world, what I call ‘a weapon of mass construction.’ This is the instruction manual.”
Louie Psihoyos - Academy Award winning filmmaker:The Cove; Executive Director, Oceanic Preservation Society

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To find out more about the company that puts this all together, visit the following:

Filmmaking for Change - The host site of the book authored by founder Jon Fitzgerald

Cause Cinema - Your guide to moving pictures.

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Entertainment for good - Your guide to the best of socially relevant movies, series, and campaigns. Filmmaking for Change - Develop, produce, and release social impact projects.


Slamdance co-founder Jon Fitzgerald is the author of Filmmaking for Change: Make Films That Transform the World. And Founder of Cause Cinema & Cause Pictures.