Sounds great Parris, thanks. Will take a look!

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Thanks to your Podcast I will see these three films. I believe you would love to see my film Kinyarwanda, its about the hundred day genocide in Rwanda.


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Hi Jon, Looks like three good documentaries. One I think you listed before. Unfortunately, the trailers do not impress me enough for me to view them. My time is, as I am sure yours is, precious and I must use it to make a difference in this world.

I also know that I think differently than most. I believe in reaching for the stars and reaching the moon and a few planets on the way. Anyone, with a cell phone and a computer can make a film, you don't need any sophisticated equipment.

If you have the equipment and the team, you don't need a lot of money, or even a script, to make a feature. "The Blair Witch Project" proved that.

It is very difficult to make $250 million theatrical and it is unlikely that with your first feature that you will come anywhere near that amount.

We have a saying at our Studio, "It doesn't take money to make movies, it takes talent with passion and a dream."

I know filmmakers who made feature films with less than $1000 and they sold them around the world. They may not be signed to do the next Batman or Top Gun, but they have made enough money to support themselves and maybe buy a couple of homes and their dream car.

I am not interested in making a lot of money myself, money is just "a means of exchange." I am not centered on winning major awards.

I don't plan to make the greatest film ever made, or even the most artistic, but I know I will definitely make some of the most important.

So, this is where I am coming from. "Cause Cinema" and "Filmmaking For Change" is in my blood.

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