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Well, again you have chosen 3 productions that do not interest me at all. A nun searching for the Holy Grail, a long-extended date in Costa Rica, and a musician who doesn't know who the hell he is? How do any of these fit into "Cause Cinema" or, for that matter, Filmmaking For Change, Films That Transform the World. I just don't see it. I got into a heated debate with a veteran in the film industry who insisted there was no such thing as a film that could offer solutions to the world's problems. I told her I had made one. Then she changed her tune, well maybe you can show a problem and inspire people to take action to solve it, but you can't actually solve a problem by making a feature film. So, I decided to prove her wrong. The sequel will actually implement a solution to a problem as we make the film. That's what I call "real action,"

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